Audit Work Program for Complexity Management

Do you have a need to enhance your Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program? If you do, then our new Audit Work Program (AWP) is an ideal resource to lay out an ERM assessment and enhancement process.

The general, but comprehensive, Audit Work Program is available for $49.00 USD. It's a 19 page document that is ideal for companies that fit the following profile as it gives you both a structured approach, a Control Self-Assessment and other tools that will be needed for re-engineering an ERM program or creating one from scratch:


•           Large, publicly traded company, that falls under Sarbanes Oxley Section 404


•           The firm has already established one of the 2 COSO Internal Control frameworks for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). (Note most countries around the world suggest the use of a COSO-like framework.)


•           Is concerned about cultivating the top 3 risk-related skills that are needed to protect a company.


•           May be worried about complexity management issues, but does not know how to connect the dots (which is where the Audit Work Program comes into play)


•           Does not know that any of the Predictive Risk Analytics (PRA) technology vendors addresses Complexity Management.



If you'd like to purchase this we will forward our address for enabling you to send a check while we get our e-commerce system in place. Again, please contact us at info (at) RuleSphere (dot) com.