New White Paper; "Predictive Risk Analytics; The Internal Auditor's Guide to Complexity Management”

Our new 6 page white paper may be of interest to you. It is entitled; "Predictive Risk Analytics; The Internal Auditor's Guide to Complexity Management”. If you'd like a copy please contact us at info (at) RuleSphere (dot) com. 


In addition, we are also rolling out a general, but comprehensive Audit Work Program for $49.00 USD (19 pages) that is for companies that fit the following profile:


•           Large, publicly traded company, that falls under Sarbanes Oxley Section 404


•           The firm has already established one of the 2 COSO Internal Control frameworks for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). (Note most countries around the world suggest the use of a COSO-like framework.)


•           Is concerned about cultivating the top 3 risk-related skills that are needed to protect a company.


•           May be worried about complexity management issues, but does not know how to connect the dots (which is where the Audit Work Program comes into play)


•           Does not know that any of the Predictive Risk Analytics (PRA) technology vendors addresses Complexity Management.


If you'd like to purchase, please send us a check from an American bank and your e-mail address and we will forward the Audtit Work Program (in .pdf format) to you by e-mail.