New Development in Predictive Risk Analytics (PRA) Market

I want to alert you to an interesting new development in the Predictive Risk Analytics (PRA) marketplace. Specifically, in the PRA market segment that spans enterprise / system complexity and resilience management.

My firm, RuleSphere has tested a new software called “Ontonet” and we like what we see. So much so, that we have entered into agreement with the IP owner, Ontonix, to help them roll out the solution to the banking and other sectors across all of North America and Africa. We will be providing a complete solution with education, training, software, support, etc.

In essence, we believe that this approach to risk assessment is a game-changer in a number of ways, especially for executive management in risk, audit, operations and technology roles.

Here is a link to all the resources that explain this risk assessment approach:

Let us know if you’d like to have someone from your firm conduct either an informal or formal assessment to see if you agree with our findings.