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"The Internal Auditor's Guide to Complexity Management"; a 6 page white paper and our 19 page Internal Audit Work Program for Complexity Management. The former is free and the latter is available for $49.00USD. Contact us at info (at) RuleSphere (dot) com for both of these. We are also looking for audit firms that will be capable of helping us to roll out the Audit Work Program across their customer accounts.


"The challenge of finding and sustaining a competitive advantage with analytics seems to be weighing heavily on many decision makers. The vast majority of survey respondents*, 87%, are calling for their organizations to step up the use of analytics. Many are frustrated with their organizations' reliance on management experience over data analysis. Some are feeling pressured by senior management to become more data-driven. They share a common restlessness to elevate their organizations to the next level of analytics." For details please see MIT's Sloan Management Review report... a link is available at the bottom of this page **. 

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RuleSphere International, Inc. ( is a boutique management consultancy and educator that focuses on Predictive Risk Analytics (PRA) and Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) best practices, processes, methodologies and tools. We have offices in Boston, Denver, Toronto and Johannesburg.

The Top 4 Reasons Why  Business Complexity Should Be Managed?

There are many good reasons to measure, monitor and manage business system complexity. The following are the 4 top-most important reasons:

  1. Highly complex systems are less profitable. This is why many corporations pursue lean business models in order to benefit their shareholders.
  2. An excessively complex business is inherently fragile and vulnerable. It is also less sustainable. This is because excessive complexity is the source of risk exposure.
  3. A more complex business is less responsive to change and extreme events - it is less resilient.
  4. Last but not least, in a turbulent economy, the best practice of “complexity management” overcomes the limitations of conventional risk management. 

Leading The Way To Become More Data-Driven

Our leading-edge Predictive Risk Analytics packaged solutions are provided to our customers in cooperation with Ontonix S.r.l. We are helping progressive organizations to meet the analytics mandate by offering a number of "management suites" which address a range of commonly encountered problems that have not been solved heretofore. We look forward to working with you to explore areas that you may not have considered as "high risk" before. We encourage you to get involved with our no money down "Explorers Program" that gives you the solid evidence that you need to convince your management that a free Proof-of-Concept is not only a worthy endeavor, but one that has the ability to drive significant strategic value.

Addressing Governance Risk Compliance Requirements

The Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) space requires intense strategic planning. The reason being is that the growth of industry regulations and the excruciating details and volume of GRC requirements force us to think strategically or else. We must have a comprehensive portfolio of GRC strategies in order to stay ahead of the fray.

We often think of GRC strategies as football plays. They need to be fully documented, well-timed, incredibly well-coordinated, understood by all those that execute them, and a whole lot more. Take GRC convergence, for instance. This strategy requires an enterprise-wide vision and an enterprise-wide process that dovetails seamlessly with all enterprise functions. This is almost akin to a set of football plays all by itself. How are RuleSphere and partners tackling GRC (pun intended)? We are building upon our successive year over year growth in rolling out solid strategies for assisting GRC professionals in leading and guiding the development of the enterprise playbook for GRC strategic planning. We started this collaborative process with our portfolio of GRC services, now we are expanding our services to span all aspects of GRC. Now our GRC playbook will provide an overarching umbrella for all enterprise functions and the central GRC program office that your company may have put in place. 

* MIT's Sloan Management Review's report; "The Analytics Mandate: Findings from the 2014 Data & Analytics Global Executive Study snd Research Report